How to do when data stop syncing?

It is normal if there is a delay or missing data. After all monitor app is running secretly on the phone and it takes time and resource on the phone for it to upload all the data before you can see them. Please understand our app is an app installed secretly, it still works like other apps on the phone.

Most of the time our app is sleeping on target phone, only running when it is collecting data from target phone. This is because running 24/7 on target phone will drain the battery too quickly, which makes phone owner aware there is something wrong.

For Android devices

Some app or security setting on target phone are prevent Spyzie from running background, that is why Spyzie only works very short time. Please make sure those apps are disabled then restart the target phone.

You should look for manage apps or security apps, or security system or check out if the phone will kill every app running background (like Huawei phone).

For iOS devices

Please change the password of iCloud account and then unbind your current device under your Spyzie account dashboard’s setting section, after that, you can bind again using the new password. Also, please make sure target phone's iCloud data is updated with latest info, if not updated, Spyzie cannot show you any new information.

Also, if target iCloud account has 2 factor authentication enabled, you will only be able to see call history and browser history, other items will be blank. We will support more items in the future.

When most features stop working

Spyzie might have been killed on the target phone by other security apps. Or some app is preventing Spyzie to start running. That is why it did not work.

You need to uninstall and install Spyzie on target phone manually again.

  1. You need to uninstall Spyzie. Please go to "account>installed application" and uninstall “system update service” (which is actually Spyzie) on the target phone. This installed application menu is in different place on different phones; please make sure you have go to the correct place.
  2. Log into your Spyzie dashboard, go to My account>devices to unbind the current device.
  3. Set up Spyzie on target phone all over again.

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