Other technical issues

Here you can find more technical solutions about wrong GPS location, no Whatsapp full conversation, network error, ambient sound recording, iCloud connection.

Wrong GPS Location

If target phone owner has disabled the GPS switch on the phone, Spyzie cannot track its location anymore. So you might see a wrong location from Spyzie.

No Whatsapp Full Conversation

Spyzie can only get limited social app data from an unrooted phone. However, it is OK even that phone is not rooted, because we can monitor the notification bar on target phone when new message arrives, and take screen shots when owner is using app. Outgoing messages will not be captured.

Network Error

Please try to use another internet and try again, this means your phone can't connect to Spyzie server located in America.

Ambient Sound Recording

We have removed recording ambient sound and phone calls feature from Spyzie now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Won’ t Connect to iCloud

This is because there is no new data in that iCloud storage right now, please make sure iPhone has uploaded the files from phone storage to iCloud storage. If this is the first time you enable iCloud, you will need to wait iPhone to finish uploading.

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