How to view monitored data and how often is it updated?

You can view monitored data from the dashboard panel of your personal account either on a web browser or in the app. To see how data is displayed on the Spyzie Dashboard, view this demo.

How often is it updated?

The Spyzie monitoring app installed on the target device automatically collects data every four hours. Also, every time when you are signing into the Spyzie account, an active new syncing request will be triggered to ensure that you can view the latest data. You can also manually update the data displayed on the Control Panel by clicking the sync icon.

It usually takes some time to complete a sync process depending on the size of the data being collected and the internet connection speed on the target device. It will also consume a considerable amount of battery power, especially when the monitored data is collected via 3G or 4G network that is not always stable and strong.

The “Updated” time listed on the top left of the Dashboard panel shows the latest time when the monitored data is being manually updated.

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